Who is Miss Kat?

The name “Miss Kat Says” was derived from the idea of having a parenting ally.  How many times have you told your child something only to have them respond “well, So-and-so says.”  Miss Kat is a resource you can look to for child-led play activities, opportunities for creativity, and support in raising happy, capable children.

Miss Kat is based out of Phoenix, AZ.  She is a bit of Jill of all trades.  She is a writer and photographer who loves spending time with children. When she is not hosting extracurricular arts and science camps for kids, she is photographing children and families, and working on her own creations.  She is available to take individual and family portraits.  She is happy to set up private camps, and entertain at parties.

Miss Kat is the mother of two precocious boys, Liam and Kellen.  She can be reached at gloverkat@rocketmail.com.

Her tagline “believe, wonder, and create” is a personal motto to believe in magic, wonder about the possibilities, and create what is in your heart.


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