Yoga Story Times

While my middle-aged bones struggle to stretch into poses, my kids are natural yogis.  Their bodies bend effortlessly into any position.  They must be made of rubber.

Yoga story times are a great way to encourage movement, develop creativity, and facilitate memory.  We start our story time by reading a book, then we act out the tale with yoga poses.  You can do this with any story, but I tend to lean toward stories with lots of animals because it is easy to find corresponding poses.

We read the story The Frog Who Lost His Underpants by Juliette MacIver.  This book is a favorite with my boys because it mentions underpants, and has a cute illustration of the frog’s tush.

The story takes place in the forest, so we started out in tree pose.


Of course, it is a about a frog, so we got into a frog pose.  There are a few variations on this.  Here is Kellen’s version.


We worked our way through the story, posing to represent all the animals.  If you are need help learning poses, here is a good photo guide:  But you can make up your own poses too.  Half of the fun is using your imagination, and if you hit a Dr. Seuss phase, I doubt you are going to find formal poses titled Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Attaching the story to movement creates an extra dimension for learning.  By creating a greater sensory experience, your kids are more likely to remember the details of the book, and just have more fun.

Now, if I could just get them to lay still for a five minute shavasana, I’d really be on to something.


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