4 Drawing Prompts to Focus Attention, Inspire Creativity, and Get Everyone to Simmer Down!

My boys are CONSTANTLY moving.  From the moment they wake up, they are running through the kitchen, jumping on their beds, leaping over homemade obstacles, and wrestling each other to the ground.  I love their energy, and can’t help but join in their games.  But sometimes I just need a few quiet moments.  I could admonish “Be Gentle! Calm! Calm!” until I pass out from lack of oxygen.  Or I could casually leave drawing prompts around the house.

I am lucky that both of my boys love to draw.  I don’t announce that I am setting up prompts.  I casually place items on tables they are sure to notice and wait for their curiosity to set in.  I might set out special pens or colored paper to catch their eye, but the rest of the prompt is just waiting for their natural inclination to wonder what is going on.  It usually doesn’t take long.  These are my favorite prompts.

1.  Googly Eyes:  Simply glue googly eyes randomly on a piece of paper and let them fill in the rest of the details.  Half of the fun is them telling the story of who the creature or person they have created is.


2.  Sticker Prompts:  Give them a sheet of stickers that matches up with one of their interests.  Have them place the stickers on the paper, and then create the rest of the drawing based on the stickers.  No child can resist the allure of stickers!


3.  Thumbprint pictures:  Use a stamp pad to create thumbprints on a piece of paper.  If you don’t have a stamp you, use a bingo dauber or even a marker.  Create pictures out of the thumbprints.


4.  Draw a toy:  Have your child select a toy to draw.  You’ll be amazed at their accuracy.

Remember, the best way to keep them focused is to draw with them.  You are an artist too!


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