The Big Idea- HUGE Drawings

We do a LOT of drawing in our house.  It’s something I enjoy, so when my kids get bored, my solution is to draw.  It’s funny how simply changing the size of something reinvigorates interest- in this case, the size of the paper.  HUGE = AWESOME!

My son has a drawing desk in his room that houses a roll of paper underneath.  We took the paper out and rolled it across the floor.  I quickly wrote the alphabet down the line of the paper, and said to draw a picture next to the letter that begins with that same letter.  They quickly took to drawing vampires next to the V, and elephants next to the E.  We have since done another drawing of the solar system, and have started discussing ideas to recreate our vacation to San Diego.  It’s a great way to extend learning, reinforce ideas, and relive memories.

It’s not the most out of the box idea, but it’s amazing how literally thinking big can breathe new life into common pasttimes.

P1180258 P1180306 P1180310 P1180313


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