Tattoo Your Eggs (and Yourself) with Printable Tattoo Paper

I am so behind on blog posts!  My camera is loaded up with pictures of all the activities we have been doing, but I have no time to create blog posts with them.  I guess that means we have been having a lot of fun.  But I did want to get this one out before Easter because I think it is such a fun idea!

My friend bought me some temporary tattoo paper.  The manufacturer wrote the instructions so it sounds like you need their specific printer and software to use it, but you don’t.  I formatted my pictures in regular old Microsoft Word, and printed on my Canon color printer.


The really cool thing is that because you are selecting your own pictures, you can choose anything you want.  I am hosting an egg dying party tonight, and the kids attending have a wide array of interests- Pokemon, Wild Kratts, Super Why, basketball, mermaids, dump trucks, Skylander, and My Little Pony.  With the paper, I am able to create tattoos to suit all of their wants.  This would be especially great when your child picks a random party theme that you will never be able to find at the store (like our upcoming Panda, Triceratops, and Water Gun birthday party).

You print the page and then stick another piece of adhesive over the top.  I had a little trouble getting the first one on straight, but had the hang of it by the second sheet.


Tested one on the hand, and it worked great!


The cool idea is that tonight at the party, we are going to not only tattoo ourselves, but tattoo our eggs with matching images!  It will work the same on the shell as it does on the skin!


Have a tat party with no needles required!


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