Reviving Ideas for the Second Child

Oh, the plight of the second child.  You never get to do anything first.

As much as parents try to treat siblings equally, sometimes the second child can feel like his interests are second fiddle.  If you are like me, you find it is easiest to focus on an activity the whole family can enjoy.  But that means the littlest one might miss out on some of the fun.  In our mind, we have already done the craft or activity, since we completed it with the older sibling.  We forget to complete it a second time around once the younger sibling is of age.

My oldest son, Liam, had a fascination with the movie Cars when he was around three or four years old.  We had a collection of the Cars gang- multiple ones actually, because if we lost Lightning McQueen there would be no rest in our house until we found him.  But Cars gave way to Ninja Turtles, and super heroes, and Legos.  I pretty much forgot all about Lightning and Mater.  Until this past summer.

We stayed at a VRBO in Wyoming on a vacation.  We decided to have a family movie night, and came across a dvd of Cars.  We popped it in and a new fan was born- Kellen.  He may have watched the movie before, but he was too young to remember it.  The film was all new for him.  Once again, it was Lightning McQueen mania at our house.  After assembling another collection of the gang, we began to dream up ways to put cars into all of our activities.  I was reminded of a few activities I did with Liam, that could be reborn with a Cars twist.


I cut out some simple shapes, and asked Kellen to make pictures with them.  Sure enough, he made cars.  I did this activity with Liam a couple of years ago.  Liam made pictures of Ninja Turtles brandishing swords.  Kellen makes cars racing along a track.  The pictures look simple, but the stories are elaborate.  You may not realize it, but the small yellow car on the right of the top picture won the race by spinning around and driving backwards! Get ready to hear some tall tales when you start this craft.


Liam and I used to cut pieces of paper to make paths to connect various superhero lairs.  Kellen used the same idea to make long racing tracks.  I simply cut some pieces and gave him a roll of scotch tape.


He even got some writing practice in by making start/finish line signs.


Revive those old ideas and give them a new twist.  Instead of playing second fiddle, your youngest will feel like first chair.


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