Kat Camp- Salad Spinner Painted Rocks

What is it with kids and salad spinners?  This is one of my go-to crafts when I need to entertain a troop of preschoolers.  They just want to paint rock after rock- probably because they get to squeeze paint and push a button.

You can up the educational value of this craft by counting the times you press the spinner or talking about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.  I also love that the mess is fairly contained within the spinner.

I hope you enjoy this colorful craft!



Kat Camp- Factory Line Robot

When I think of robots, I think of a metal man with stiff moments making “bleeps” and “bloops.”  But factories use robots every day to move products along their lines.  This video shows kids how to make a DIY factory line, and move “product” with kitchen utensil robot arms.

Kat Camp- Butterflies

I teach extracurricular arts and science camps for young children.  Most of my camps are held during school breaks, so I will not see some students for a couple of months at a time.   A couple of very sweet girls saw a video of my singing on facebook, and told their mothers “I want another video of Miss Kat.” (Talk about an ego boost!)  So I decided to make a series of short videos for children to demonstrate crafts, sing songs, and engage in other activities they might enjoy.  One of the little girls I mentioned sent me a video of her dancing like a butterfly.  I made this first video with a butterfly craft and lullaby with her in mind.